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As a four time Olympian, over the span of 20 years, I learnt a trick or two about how to "train smart". This means getting toned & feeling energized in both mind and body - FAST. In this free Challenge I want to show you how all you need is 15 minutes a day. Change the way view health and fitness....  
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Ludi Wiggins, Founder of Mind & Body Blitz Programs

Hi there, my name is Ludi and I'm a 4-time Olympian (Diving), Certified Wellness and Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, multiple business owner and Mum of two… so I know a thing or two about trying to feel body confident, fit and maintaining vitality while juggling life. I want to show you the exact training methods I use (and what I teach my private clients) to see measurable results, for the long term - in both Mind and Body.
 Make today the day you finally start your journey to body confidence and change the way you view     
     health and fitness.         

Claire, Fitzroy

"I hated exercise before I met Ludi! Ludi drives you really hard but supports and inspires you to do your best. I look forward to my sessions and would highly recommend her programs to anyone"
"I  hated exercise before I met Ludi.

Ascot Vale

"I've been training with Ludi for over three years and definitely believe in her methodologies of training smart. My body changed very quickly, with just two sessions a week and I am fitter than ever"
"I  hated exercise before I met Ludi.

Jaimee, Mulgrave

"Your workouts are so easy to follow - I tried another program awhile ago and I breathed a sigh of relief when I did my first workout. I could follow everything so easily from my iPhone!"
"I  hated exercise before I met Ludi.
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